Secure Email

  • Quick plug-in setup
  • Serverless and Zero Trust
  • On-device end-to-end encryption
  • Self-directed identity verification
  • Reliable intrusion detection
  • Prevention of lateral movement


of attacks start with email


click-through rate


phishing increase YoY


days to detect a breach

Imagine confidential communication

is as simple and effective as talking to the person next to you

Zero trust

planck Secure Email is the only phishing protection and email security solution that fully adheres to the Zero Trust Architecture guidelines. It is built upon the well-known principles of PGP and public/private cryptography, using modern cipher suites (AES256 and RSA4096) and state-of-the-art core crypto libraries.

No third party is involved in your trust management. By removing all dependencies on technology providers, certification authorities, third-party administrators, and anything outside of your own device, planck Secure Email gives you full control over your security.

Decentralized key management

Traditional cryptography architectures rely on certificate authorities. They come with non-standardized, black-box processes and are often compromised or unavailable.

By leveraging planck Secure Email's decentralized key management you can avoid single points of failure and make your communication intrinsically more secure.

Key Management is fully automated and runs continuously in the background, ensuring no manual work or technical knowledge is required to send and receive secure emails.

While we manage complexity for you, you stay in full control of identity trust. You can add or remove people from your list of trusted identities.

In case of a suspected breach, the plug-in immediately revokes identity trust and contains the risk.

End-to-end encryption

Our encryption is applied to communication automatically, including with group emails and distribution lists.

planck Secure Email encrypts not only the body of your emails but attachments and metadata as well, providing complete protection.

Every email is encrypted with the receiver's public key before leaving the device, which means your security perimeter does not extend to anything outside of your control, not even our servers.

Confidential content inspection

Our technology allows you to set up content inspection and malware protection while retaining end-to-end encryption. By adopting unique encryption techniques, you can give a dedicated gateway the ability to inspect but not modify the encrypted content.

planck's Secure Inspection Gateway is optional, runs on your own infrastructure, and does not impact your phishing protection.

User friendly

Complicated tools are poorly adopted, which results in a lack of protection.

We designed planck Secure Email to be straightforward and non-invasive. Employees keep working with tools they are familiar with. A clear user interface warns them about any phishing attempt or breach of their security.

Plugs into your current email

Unlike traditional tools, planck Secure Email is self-provisioning and works seamlessly on top of your existing email service provider (Office365, Google, or anything else).

Our Outlook plug-in for Microsoft, iOS, and Android can be installed by each employee or distributed to the entire organization in minutes.

There is no onboarding to a separate email portal, integration project, or disruption.  Everyone keeps working with their familiar client, just in a more secure way.


PGP and S/MIME compatible

When using planck Secure Email, you get the highest possible level of email security. However, you can seamlessly communicate with peers using plain PGP or S/MIME.


planck Secure Email meets the highest security standards for public and private institutions.

Germany's Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) is finalizing its certification with number BSI-DSZ-CC-1227.


On all your devices