Zero Trust Email Security

  • Halt phishing, data theft, and identity fraud
  • Decentralized identity management
  • True privacy on your current email
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Reliable defense for your business


adopt conventional protection


suffered a phishing attack

Anti-phishing that is fundamentally different

We believe in trusting your contacts. With absolute certainty. On your current email.

Zero trust plug-in: install in minutes

Peer-to-peer encryption: for your colleagues and partners

Self-directed identity validation: establish a network of trusted peers 

Reliable intrusion detection: detect every attack with certainty

Lateral movement prevention: for resilient protection


We are not a new email provider. We secure you and your partners on Microsoft, iOS, and Android.


Forget disruptions and migration costs. You keep your infrastructure and working habits.

Zero trust

Embrace the most advanced security architecture.


We manage complexity for you. You stay in full control of identity trust.


No complication. Any potential threat is right under the eyes of the user.


Everything is encrypted and signed end-to-end: body, attachments, and metadata.


No need to renounce malware protection and content inspection, even on end-to-end encrypted content.


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