Get planck Secure Email

A link to download planck Secure Email will be sent to your email address.

Which email clients are supported?

You can download planck Secure Email for Outlook for Windows. The plug-in works regardless of your email provider, as long as it is supported by Outlook.

planck Secure Email is available on other platforms, such as iOS, Android, and more. Please, reach out to to receive your copy.

How can I test the plugin?

The easiest way is to share this page with your colleagues, so they can download the plugin and start communicating with you:

You can also communicate with contacts using a compatible PGP or S/MIME client. In this case, some of planck's advanced functionality won't be available.

Will I be able to use my email with everyone?

Yes, your email will work exactly like it does now. You will be able to keep communicating with all your contacts.

Will any data leave my device?

Unlike other solutions, planck Secure Email encryption is truly end-to-end. No personal or confidential data are collected, even to secure your communication.

The software only contacts our servers to transmit anonymous usage statistics which help us improve the product. planck Secure Email is open source, so you can transparently verify this.

Can I fully uninstall planck?

A clean uninstall is possible on all platforms. Simply remove the mobile app, or uninstall the plugin through Windows Add or Remove Programs. No data will be retained apart from your encryption keys, which can be deleted following the instructions on our support portal.

Can I get support for my trial?

Absolutely. Just send an email to with any feedback or request related to the product.