Top 5 Security and Privacy Conferences to Attend in 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, marked by constant advancements and evolving threats, the imperative to participate in top-tier security and privacy conferences has become more pronounced than ever. Professionals in the field are compelled to proactively seek opportunities to stay ahead of the curve. 

In recognition of the vital role these gatherings play, we present the Top 5 Security and Privacy Conferences to Attend in 2024. These security and privacy conferences are emerging as indispensable platforms – they are not merely a professional engagement; it is an investment in the ongoing commitment to fortify cybersecurity defenses, in the ongoing pursuit of staying one step ahead of adversaries and ensuring the resilience of digital ecosystems. 

1 - it-sa Expo & Congress – Home of IT Security

Date: Tuesday 22nd – Thursday 24th October 2024 

Location: Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany 

Marketed as Europe's most important expo for IT security, it-sa IT Security Expo and Congress offers a comprehensive platform to explore trends and innovations in the ever-evolving IT security sector. 

it-sa epitomises the essence of security and privacy conferences and serves as a unique hub for IT security officers, developers, and providers of products and services – fostering personal exchanges and knowledge transfer on data protection and IT security. The expo connects IT security providers with managers, creating an environment rich in information and networking opportunities.

Last year the event welcomed nearly 800 exhibitors (including us), 19,400+ visitors on site, and over 3,300 active participants online – the largest in our list of top security and privacy conferences.

Reasons to Attend it-sa Nuremberg 2024: 

  • Broad Exhibitor Spectrum: Explore Europe's largest exhibitor spectrum with IT security vendors, distributors, and start-ups. Discover solutions in cloud computing, mobile and cybersecurity, data protection, and network security. 
  • Networking: Build know-how, share experiences, and connect with industry leaders to stay ahead in the dynamic IT security landscape. 
  • Start-up Innovation Zone: Uncover innovative solutions shaping the IT security industry's future in the dedicated start-up area. 
  • Expert Insights in Open Forums: Stay informed about the latest trends and best practices through expert presentations on current IT security topics. 
  • Congress@it-sa: Deepen your expertise with predominantly free sessions from associations, industry groups, and exhibitors on critical topics like cloud and mobile security, data and network security, protection of critical infrastructures, and industrial security. 

2 – ECSO’s Annual CISO Meetup - Forging a Security Community

Date: TBC (2023’s dates were Tuesday 28th – 29th November) 

Location: Vienna, Austria (TBC) 

ECSO's Annual CISO Meetup marks the establishment of a robust community of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) across Europe. As the most exclusive of our top security and privacy conferences, this event brings together 200 CISOs and the most impactful IT security providers from 27 countries, including us. 

Delegates from various national groups will attend, encouraging conversations about potential collaborations with the ultimate objective of consolidating all CISO organizations within the ECSO framework. 

The event offers exceptional networking prospects, enlightening presentations with real-world case studies, panel discussions covering crucial cybersecurity subjects, interactive dialogues with public administration, and sector-specific roundtable discussions. 

3 - Infosecurity Europe - Connecting Minds in Information Security

Date: Tuesday 4th – Thursday 6th June 2024 

Location: ExCeL London 

Positioned as the quintessential hub for connecting with the brightest minds in information security, Infosecurity Europe stands as a pivotal event that transcends the traditional boundaries of security and privacy conferences. This comprehensive conference covers an expansive spectrum, ranging from the intricate facets of engineering to the forefront of innovation. 

By immersing yourself in this collaborative environment, you gain unparalleled access to a diverse array of discussions, presentations, and interactive sessions that encapsulate the latest trends, emerging technologies, and strategic insights within the realm of information security. 

In 2023, the event saw 13,800+ visitors: 

  • Visit 380+ exhibitors 
  • Listen to 200+ hours of inspiring talks 
  • Achieve 90+ hours of CPE credits 

One of the unique strengths of this conference lies in its ability to facilitate meaningful connections. Infosecurity Europe offers a platform where industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals from the IT security world and beyond converge, providing an opportunity to forge vital connections that extend beyond the event itself. Engage with like-minded peers, exchange ideas, and establish networks that can significantly contribute to your professional growth within the information security community. 

4 – German IT Security Congress – Celebrating It’s 20th Year

Date: Tuesday 7th – Wednesday 8th May 2024 

Location: Online 

Organized by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the German IT Security Congress stands as a stalwart fixture and a beacon of excellence in the dynamic landscape of security and privacy conferences, with more than 8,000 registered attendees annually. 

This virtual gathering serves as a unique platform, fostering exchanges among participants hailing from diverse sectors such as administration, business, science, and society at large.

Experience the vibrancy of IT security through live lectures, panel discussions, and virtual exhibition stands. The event will offer a thorough professional perspective on current cybersecurity topics under the theme "Cybernation Germany: Cooperation Wins." The congress aims to spotlight trends and advancements in IT security, essential for the success of ongoing digitalization efforts. 

By embracing the German IT Security Congress’ online format and immersing yourself in the discussions, you position yourself at the forefront of a collaborative effort to address the challenges and opportunities inherent in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. 

5 – Swiss Cyber Security Days - Bridging Knowledge Gaps

Date: Tuesday 20th – Wednesday 21st February 2024 

Location: BERNEXPO, Switzerland 

Marketed as ‘the largest, longest-running, best-known event in Switzerland in the field of cybersecurity’, the Swiss Cyber Security Days is a must-do in the security and privacy conferences calendar. Seamlessly merging technology, business strategies, and public awareness, this event stands as a multifaceted bridge connecting diverse stakeholders in the cybersecurity landscape. The immersive experience is designed to provide invaluable insights into both current and future threats while spotlighting innovative solutions that shape the trajectory of cybersecurity. 

By actively participating in this event, their 3,000 attendees gain access to a wealth of knowledge, emerging trends, and strategic solutions. Take in the collaborative spirit, engage with fellow professionals, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue that shapes the future of cybersecurity in Switzerland and beyond. 

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